Tap. Pour. Go.

Hop is the liberator of libations and pub patrons. While traditional bars want to keep you in one place, Hop wants you to tap into the full potential of your leisure time and Set Spirits Free.
Now Pouring on the Las Vegas Strip How it works
How To Hop
With 26 taps of craft beer and wine, Hop wants you to be free to roam, shop, eat and play, all with a drink in hand. It’s simple: roll up to a Hop stop, pour your own drink and pay by the ounce instead of by the glass.

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John Smith

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Tap That

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and keep hopping

Harmon Corner Las Vegas Strip

3717 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Hop ensures responsible serving and responsible drinking. All consumers’ identifications are validated upon entry by a helpful Tapster, then signed up with Hop’s seamless POS system. Using advanced facial recognition technology, a Hopper’s sign-up image and ID is compared and evaluated with their current appearance every time they tap to refill. Think again, drunks and identity thieves. All consumers have an alcohol limit per visit and will be refused service by all Hop stops in the area if they appear intoxicated.